About Us

Great Lakes Solutions, a Chemtura business, is a leading global producer of flame retardants, which reduce the flammability of a wide variety of combustible materials. Offering one of the most diverse portfolios of flame retardants and synergists, and with over forty years of proven performance in the industry, Great Lakes Solutions has a reputation for reliability, service, innovation and stewardship. Through our Greener Innovation strategy, we continually strive to introduce products which offer reliable fire safety performance, excellent functional performance and favorable environmental profiles.

Our flame retardants are used in a wide variety of applications, including flexible and rigid foams, fabrics and furniture, auto interiors and under the hood, circuit boards and electrical connectors, computer cabinetry and wiring in building and construction, to name a few.

Our business is committed to providing strong performance and to ensuring the safety of its employees, customers and their customers, as well as meeting industry and environmental sustainability standards and goals. The areas of performance, safety and sustainability permeate the organization and are closely related to make Great Lakes Solutions the business it is today.