How Firemaster® 550 Flame Retardant Works

Firemaster® 550 flame retardant reduces the flammability of flexible polyurethane foams used for cushioning in upholstered furniture, providing the same or better flame retarding properties as earlier products, but with an improved environmental profile that meets all U.S. regulatory standards.

This burn test shows the benefits of treating flexible polyurethane foam with Firemaster® 550 flame retardant. Raw foam is highly flammable. After being treated with Firemaster® 550 flame retardant, it takes longer for the same kind of foam to become fully engulfed by flames. This provides individuals with extra time to evacuate a fire.

This extra time saves lives.

Chemtura conducted this open-flame test in a burn chamber and followed the standard method for determining whether a foam sample meets the requirements of California Technical Bulletin 117 the nation’s toughest furniture flammability standard.

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