Chemtura Provides Support to the Following Organizations

American Chemistry Council - The American Chemistry Council's (ACC) mission is to deliver business value through exceptional advocacy using best-in-class member performance, political engagement, communications and scientific research. We are committed to sustainable development by fostering progress in our economy, environment and society.

North American Flame Retardant Alliance - The American Chemistry Council's North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA) was formed in March 2011 to serve as the lead advocacy organization in North America for flame retardant producers and users. In addition to promoting the safe and effective use of flame retardants, NAFRA's mission includes actively promoting responsible methods for developing and handling current and new flame retardants; supporting sustainable stewardship for flame retardants; establishing a dialogue with policymakers, industry representatives and other stakeholders on issues concerning flame retardants; and expanding the existing knowledge about flame retardants.

Bromine Science and Environmental Forum - BSEF is an international bromine production organization that was established in 1997. BSEF is funded by its members to commission scientific institutes and independent scientists to evaluate and carry out innovative research on brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and bromine and to inform decision-makers and other stakeholders on the results of this science, and to represent the bromine industry on issues of environment and human health.

The European Chemical Industry Council - Cefic is the forum and the voice of the chemical industry in Europe. Founded in 1972, Cefic is a committed partner to EU policymakers, facilitating dialogue with industry and sharing our broad-based expertise. We represent 29,000 large, medium and small chemical companies in Europe, which directly provide 1.2 million jobs and account for 21% of world chemical production.

European Flame Retardants Association - EFRA brings together and represents the leading organizations which manufacture, market or use flame retardants in Europe. EFRA is responsible for the industry’s advocacy activities and together with its team of experts is prepared and entrusted by its Members to constantly inform and advocate on fire safety and health and safety considerations, to protect both users and producers alike.

The Alliance for Consumer Fire Safety in Europe - ACFSE is a non-for profit organization founded in 1998 and led by Robert Graham MBE, a former fire chief in the Greater Manchester Fire Brigade. ACFSE’s mission is to campaign for high standards to ensure the fire safety of consumer products with dangerous fire load, notably consumer electronics products and upholstered furniture.

ABICHAMA - The Brazilian Association of Flame Retardants brings together manufacturers of these chemicals and aims to alert and educate government agencies, businesses and the public about the importance of fire safety.